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Fresh or Frozen Might Not Matter for Donated Eggs,  July 23, 2010

Frozen eggs can be just as effective as fresh eggs for women trying to become pregnant through egg donation, new research suggests.

Women who were implanted with frozen eggs at a Spanish infertility clinic got pregnant at virtually the same rate as women implanted with fresh eggs, the researchers report in the journal Human Reproduction.

Using frozen eggs, said Dr. Nicole Noyes of the New York University Fertility Center, is much more convenient and potentially cheaper than using fresh eggs — for both fertility clinics and patients themselves. But because egg freezing is still labeled as an experimental procedure, many egg donation programs still only use fresh eggs, she said.

"Egg freezing is a great thing," Noyes, who was not involved with the current study, told Reuters Health. Once the procedure stops being considered experimental, she said, "This field is going to explode."

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