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How Old Is Too Old?,  July 28, 2010

NORFOLK — More women are waiting until later in life to get married and have children, but, how old is too old?

If you're in the same room as Sharon McPherson, you can't really tell that she's well into her 50s.

She's also 7 months pregnant with twins.

She looks good for her age but does the fact that she's a bit older make her a good fit to be a mother? She says yes.

Sharon is one of thousands of women across the country who have, for many reasons, decided to get pregnant while others their age are planning for menopause.

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Hi - What you can and should do is see a reproductive endocrinologist, or fertility doctor. I encourage you to make an appointment asap, as age is certainly a factor. We have a Find a Doctor search on the top right of every page of Type in your zip code to find a fertility doctor in your area. Best of luck - and keep us posted! - Claire

I am interested in getting pregnant at 44. I will be 45 in November. My husband is 39. I have three healthy children 10, 14, 16. I did not tell my obgyn yet but he made a comment that it is unlikely an egg would make it. This was his comment when I asked about the likelihood of getting pregnant at my age. I have a normal menstrual cycle and am in good shape and health. We are not using birth control. What can I do to see if I am a candidate for a baby at 45?

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