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'Octomom' doc accused of implanting 7 embryos

Associated Press,  July 7, 2010

LOS ANGELES — The fertility doctor of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman implanted too many embryos in one patient, resulting in the death of a fetus, and failed to refer another woman to a cancer specialist after finding cysts on her ovaries, the state licensing board said.

The new allegations by the Medical Board of California bolster its ongoing negligence case against Dr. Michael Kamrava.
The board said a 48-year-old patient identified only as "L.C." was implanted with seven embryos in September 2008 — several months after the 33-year-old Suleman had embryos implanted.

Implanting more than two embryos in a patient over age 35 meant Kamrava "placed L.C. at great risk for high-order gestation, which was confirmed by a quadruplet pregnancy that ended with catastrophic results," the filing said.

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