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Austrailia's First IVF Baby Takes a Stand, 30 Years On

by Jodie Minus ,  The Austrialian,  June 19, 2010

NOT many people can say a camera crew filmed their birth or that their arrival in the world was hailed a triumph.

Or that their birth made the national newspaper's front page.

But on June 23, 1980, that's what happened to Candice Elizabeth Reed when she was delivered by a pioneering team of doctors at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne to claim the title of Australia's first IVF baby and the world's third.

The procedure is now commonplace, and in 2007, 9842 Australian babies were born as a result of assisted reproductive technology, accounting for 3.1 per cent of all births that year.

Ms Reed, now a social worker in New Zealand and patron of IVF group Access, will celebrate her 30th birthday on Wednesday and is marking the occasion by writing to Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call for ART to be taught in schools under the health and personal development curriculum. Read more.


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