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Infertility Counseling: Getting the Most Out of Therapy

by Connie Shapiro, PhD,  Psychology Today,  June 9, 2010
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If you never have been in therapy before, or if you are beginning a relationship with a new therapist, or if earlier counseling experiences have had nothing to do with your infertility, you probably are feeling perched on the brink of a new opportunity and a new challenge. Undoubtedly you already are receiving either a diagnostic workup or medical treatment for your infertility, and your decision to seek counseling is an important step in handling the many emotions that emerge in this process. So, now that you and your counselor are beginning your relationship, how can you get the most out of the therapeutic experience?

Most therapists will initially ask you to be clear about what you hope to gain from therapy. I'm going to make the assumption that you and your partner are going to the first session together, so both of you will need to think about how you would answer this question. It is not unusual for partners to have different perspectives on the challenges posed by infertility (see my video at ), so you both should feel free to speak for yourselves. Also, if some issues are more compelling than others, or if you have tried and not succeeded to make desired changes in your lives, it is good to provide that information as well. Read more.


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