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Oklahoma Legislation Would Make Compensating Egg Donors Illegal

by Scott Jones,  Oklahoma Gazette,  Mar 10, 2010
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Consider that young couple with the beautiful children. Picture the kids’ smiles, their laughter, their infectious joy.

Now imagine the world without those children. The couple not raising a family. Grandparents without their grandkids. Uncles and aunts unable to spoil their nieces or nephews. The children’s choir at church with fewer voices.

Because that is the consequence of House Bill 3077, which I will hereby dub the Oklahoma Anti-Family Act of 2010.

HB 3077 would make it illegal for a fertility clinic to compensate an egg donor for the expenses that accompany egg donation. Note that the House refused to do the same for sperm donation, which will remain otherwise unregulated by the government.

I would ask the Legislature a few questions. Have you ever sat with a couple agonizing over their fertility? Have you ever counseled them as they have gone through years of costly medical procedures and emotional ups and downs? Have you talked with them as they made the difficult and courageous decision to seek a donor?

Most importantly, have you held the children who were born? Watched the families celebrate with joy? Been present at the child’s baptism? Read more.


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