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U.K. Clinic Raffles IVF Egg

by Ailsa Taylor,  Bio News,  Mar 15, 2010
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A donated human egg will be raffled on Wednesday to mark the launch of a new IVF service which helps UK women to access egg donation services in America. The new service, offered by the Bridge Centre in London, will allow patients to select egg donors on the basis of characteristics such as racial background, health, education and appearance.

Potential egg recipients must attend a seminar being organised by the Bridge Centre to be in with a chance of winning. They will then travel to the Genetics and IVF Institute (GIVF) in Fairfax, Virginia, to have IVF treatment using the donor egg, a service which would usually cost £13,000.

One of the primary aims of the service is to combat the chronic shortage of egg donors in the UK, according to Mohamed Menabawey, Director of the Bridge Centre. 'All we are trying to do is react to changes in supply and demand and help them,' he told the Daily Mail.

At least ten UK women have reportedly already made use of the new service and more are on the waiting list to do so within the next few months, the Bridge Centre has said. It expects that figure to more than double in future.

As part of the service, egg recipients are offered personal information, including racial background, education, health and upbringing, along with childhood photographs as an indication of what their own child might look like. However, the donors can retain their anonymity, unlike UK where egg and sperm donors must be identifiable.

In the UK egg donors receive a maximum payment of £250 to cover expenses. In US, however, egg donors can be paid thousands of dollars for their donation, meaning there is no shortage of donors. Read more.


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