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Twice-Weekly Shots Could Cure Infertility,  Mar 16, 2010
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A new shot could cure infertility in thousands of women, The Sun reported Tuesday.

British doctors found twice-weekly injections of hormone kisspeptin repaired a chemical imbalance in the female reproductive system.

The shots have no side-effects—and results can be seen within two months.

It may mean an end to invasive treatments and even IVF for many.

Thousands of U.K. women have problems conceiving because of low sex hormone levels.

But researchers at Imperial College London found the shots boosted vital hormone production levels 16-fold.

Their findings have been backed by the British Fertility Society.

Study leader Dr. Waljit Dhillo said, "The results are exciting as they show kisspeptin may be a novel method for restoring fertility to women with certain types of infertility.” Read more.


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