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Pay-It-Forward Foundation Covers Steep Fertility Costs

by Ruth Sheehan ,  The Times Leader,  Mar 23, 2010
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A new and unusual foundation aimed at helping couples pay for additional fertility treatments when past treatments have failed is called the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation.

Roughly modeled after the Fertile Dreams foundation in Winter Park, Fla., the foundation is the first of its sort in North Carolina. It grew out of another Wake County couple’s experience with infertility — and their desire to ease that difficult journey for someone else.

A thorough — some might say invasive — economic review is critical to the process. Applicants are required to provide mortgage, credit card, car loan and pay information, as well as two years’ worth of tax forms.

Couples need to show that their resources have been strapped by repeat treatments, but they can’t be in such economic distress that they would be unable to handle the inevitable cost of a new baby — or even multiple births. Last year, five grants were awarded out of about 40 applicants. But one of the foundation’s first grants had to be rescinded after the board discovered that the couple’s home was in foreclosure, Moscato said.

The grant money goes directly to the medical professionals, not to the would-be parents. Pay It Forward has gotten the four major local fertility clinics to limit their costs for grant recipients and has persuaded pharmaceutical companies to provide many of the expensive fertility drugs free. Read more.


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