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Trans Fats May Promote Endometriosis

REUTERS,  Mar 23, 2010
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Women who eat lots of tuna, salmon and other foods rich in essential omega-3 oils might be less likely to develop endometriosis than those whose diets are loaded with trans fats, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

Endometriosis, which has no cure, can cause infertility. In endometriosis, pieces of the uterine lining grow outside the womb, sometimes sticking to other organs.

The type of fat in a woman's diet, rather than the total amount, may be a risk factor for endometriosis, an often debilitating and painful condition, researchers said in a study published online in the journal Human Reproduction.

The study of more than 70,000 American nurses found that women who ate the most omega-3 fatty acids were 22 percent less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis than women who ate the least.

Women who ate the most trans fats had a 48 percent increased risk of the condition compared with those who ate the least, the study found.

Trans fats are formed when liquid fats are hardened to make something more resembling butter or lard. And like the saturated fat in lard, they raise the likelihood of heart disease. Read more.


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