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High SAT score? Your Eggs May be Worth More, Study Says

by Ty Tagami,  Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  Mar 29, 2010
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It's long been accepted that a degree from a prestigious college can increase a graduate's value in the workplace.

Now, a study has found that mere attendance at a selective institution can increase the value of a woman's ovaries.

Eggs harvested from students attending universities with higher SAT scores are worth more money, according to new research from Georgia Tech.

A review of advertisements in campus newspapers across the country found that offers for a student's eggs increased by $2,350 for each 100-point increase in the average SAT score of the incoming class at that school.

The research suggests that people who want to have children by in vitro fertilization are willing to pay more for "smart genes," said Aaron Levine, the assistant professor of public policy who did the study. Read more.


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