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Decision to Become a Single Mother on the Rise

by Dana Kozlov,  CBS 2 Chicago,  May 4, 2010
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CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports you may be surprised just how popular choice mothering is becoming.

Maria Fournier, 47, chose to have her son, John Nicholas, alone.

"I came to a point where it was now or never," said Fournier. "And I realized you can always get married, but you can't always have a baby. I did not want to go through my life without experiencing motherhood."

Fournier is one of a growing number of single moms by choice, many of whom are going through fertility treatments, via a donor, to get pregnant.

She says it was important to her to carry her own baby.

Dr. Angie Beltsos is the medical director of the Fertility Centers of Illinois. She says back in 2000, the practice helped 230 women become single moms. Last year, there were 600. Why the surge now?

"Not only are they more educated, they may be more fiscally sound, and societal shifts in attitude of doing this on their own has really changed," said Dr. Beltsos.

But carrying a baby isn't the only option. Many are also looking to adopt.

"The wait time for a single is not way longer than it is for a couple," said Julie Tye of The Cradle adoption agency.Read more.

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