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Women with Infertility: We're Everywhere!

by Connie Shapiro, PhD,  Psychology Today,  May 7, 2010
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When most people think of infertility, they tend to think of a couple's inability to get pregnant. But those of us who are deeply involved in infertility experiences know that women with the following circumstances also consider themselves to be infertile:

    * an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy
    * a partner diagnosed as the cause of the couple's infertility, even though the woman herself is considered fertile
    * a molar pregnancy
    * a pre-natal diagnosis that causes the woman to decide to terminate the pregnancy
    * a miscarriage or a stillbirth
    * secondary infertility

So when you share with friends, co-workers or loved ones that you are grappling with the sadness of infertility, they may not grasp that your circumstances fall within their definition of infertility. Broadening infertility to include pregnancy loss, a partner's diagnosis or secondary infertility will help others more fully to appreciate the sadness and frustration of your current situation. Read more.


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