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Hearing Wraps up for Octomom's Fertility Doctor

ABC News/Entertainment,  Nov 19, 2010
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Michael Kamrava sat quietly in a Los Angeles courtroom during closing hearings in his fight to keep his license and career as sparring attorneys sketched competing pictures of the fertility doctor.

Kamrava's poor decision-making is dangerous and his license must be revoked, state deputy attorney general Judith Alvarado said Thursday. She continued that he conducted fertility experiments on unwitting human subjects, and wrongly bowed to outlandish demands of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman by implanting 12 embryos.

But Kamrava's lawyer Henry Fenton said the well-respected physician with 30 years of experience faced the perfect storm when Suleman didn't allow him to freeze or destroy her embryos, insisted on having 12 implanted and then disappeared so that no fetal reduction could be performed. Fenton said Kamrava didn't violate guidelines any more than other doctors in the field might, and has reformed his ways.

Ultimately, the Medical Board of California will have to decide which description of Kamrava is closer to the truth, and whether to allow Californians to continue to be treated by the man whose fertility treatment resulted in the birth of the world's only living set of octuplets.

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