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On Fertile Ground in Hunt for Sperm Donor Dad

The Star,  Nov 2, 2010
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IT IS a uniquely 21st century story.

An international fertility expert from Sheffield has used his knowledge and experience to help produce an intriguing documentary about a sperm donor-conceived child's search for her biological father.

The Star's health reporter Sarah Dunn found out more about the film - being screened here this weekend as part of the city's acclaimed Doc/Fest.

The tale of one determined young woman - conceived using a sperm donor and raised by two mums in Pennsylvania - as she trawls the United States in search of her father, known to her only as Donor 150.

Along the way, 20-year-old JoEllen discovers no fewer than 12 half-siblings who are scattered across the States — the first one tracked down in the Big Apple, where the New York Times picks up her story.

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Comments (2)

For awhile awhile now my partner and I have been trying to conceive, and so far, no luck. We have everything we need, but not enough sperm I guess. Searching the web brings us a little help here and there, but most of the sites with donors are very pricey might I add. We are looking for a sperm donor who would be willing to donate from their heart and not try to get an arm and a leg from our family for it. I mean, after all, the money should be saved and spent on items for the new baby, right? If there are any takers, or shall I say givers, please email my partner and I to discuss further questions, comments, arrangement ect. Thank you, and we are hoping to hear questions, comments, and advice from all of you.

Thanks for your comment. A fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) can do a fertility workup to determine why you're not getting pregnant. If you no need donor sperm, there are a number of reasons you really should work with a sperm bank and a fertility doctor. You can do a search for a fertility doctor on our web site. And here are some articles that might be helpful. In addition, has a very supportive online community, where you can get support and advice from others in your situation.

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