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Faith Salie Takes Charge by Freezing Her Eggs

CBS News,  Oct 10, 2010
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The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded this past week to Britain's Robert Edwardsm the man behind in vitro fertilization . . . which brings us to these thoughts from contributor Faith Salie:

Let's talk eggs.

Not the ones on your breakfast plate. No, the ones I have frozen at the NYU Fertility Center.

I want to talk about egg freezing, because I don't think enough young-ish women know about it.

I even made a video diary of my eggs-perience, in which I chose to shoot myself up with fertility drugs, visit my doctor twice a day for bloodwork and ultrasounds, and check myself into the hospital for the big retrieval.

I knew two things: I really, really want to have a baby; and I really, really don't know who should be the father.

Now I know a third thing: The option to freeze one's eggs is just about the most empowering choice a single woman who knows she wants to be a mother can make.

I entered my egg freezing adventure from a feeling of lack — a lack of fertility, of the right partner, of biological time.

But this perceived lack actually produced abundance - of options, time, peace of mind, and microscopic chances of a child.

I've spent my life being responsible, building a career and waiting to find the right partner with whom to start a family . . . you know, like guys do.

It seemed a cruel slap in the ovaries to be punished for my prudence.

So when my doctor suggested I freeze my eggs, I felt hopeful, albeit scared - drugs, shots, bloating, oh my! And all on my dime — insurance will not cover it.

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