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Doc: Octomom Nadya Suleman Still Has 29 Frozen Embryos

USA Today,  Oct 19, 2010
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It looks like Nadya Suleman wasn't telling the truth when she said in an interview in January that she did not have any frozen embryos left.

In fact, during testimony Monday at the Medical Board of California's hearing in Los Angeles to consider revoking or suspending the license of Suleman's fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, another doctor revealed that the mother of 14 kids still has 29 frozen embryos, reports AP.

Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor implanted 12 embryos in the pregnancy that gave her octuplets, a state attorney said Monday. Victor Y. Fujimoto, an expert witness for the medical board and director of the UC San Francisco In Vitro Fertilization Program, said that that 12 embryos being transferred into a uterus is unheard of.

"I cannot imagine any colleague of mine transferring that many embryos," said Fujimoto, who also testified that Octomom still has 29 frozen embryos available.

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