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Slivers of Frozen Ovaries Allow for Childbirth Later in Life

The Medical News,  Oct 28, 2010
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According a U.S. fertility expert, young women should freeze parts of their ovaries if they want to postpone motherhood until later in life. This advice came from Dr Sherman Silber at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting in Denver.

According to Dr Silber who is based at the St Luke's clinic in Saint Louis, this procedure would work better than egg freezing and since women are most fertile when they are young this works. He did the first full ovary transplant in 2007.

Dr. Sliber explained that although egg-freezing techniques are currently available at clinics in the UK, they usually harbor only a handful of eggs at a time. This may not guarantee successful pregnancy later in life. Whereas storing a part of an ovary may yield as many as 60,000 eggs.

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