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Sperm Count Under Fire from Two Sources,  Oct 30, 2010
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Recent studies show that sperm is coming under fire from laptops and harmful chemicals such as BPA. The studies come from three countries.

The fertility of a male's sperm may be reduced by laptops and a chemical in some plastics, two separate studies suggest. In the one case a man near to a laptap comes into contact with a radiation damaging sperm and in the other exposure to the estrogen-like chemical BPA, also called Bisphenol A, reduces his fertility.

The BPA study, found in plastic bottles and metal can linings, CD's, eyeglass lenses, sports equipment, dental devices and other consumer products, was published on October 29 2010 in the journal Fertility and Sterility. There were two studies on laptops published recently, one each in Canada and Argentina.

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