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Medical School Dean Joins Call for Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Law

The State-Journal Register,  Sept 12, 2010
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The dean of Springfield’s Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has joined 80 other medical-school leaders nationwide in urging Congress to approve a law explicitly allowing human, embryonic stem-cell research.

Dr. J. Kevin Dorsey and the other medical-school heads outlined their position in a full-page ad in the Washington Post early this month.

The ad, paid for by the Washington-based Association of American Medical Colleges, calls on Congress to allow human embryonic stem-cell research under the “rigorous ethical guidelines” of the National Institutes of Health.

“The stakes for patients, and the scientists who are working so hard to help them, could not be higher,” the ad states.

Dorsey said he agreed to participate in the ad simply because its language was “reasonable — nothing more, nothing less.”

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