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PLSG Executive in Residence Launching Medical Device Company

Pittsburgh Business Times,  Sept 21, 2010
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Stephen Bollinger, an executive in residence at the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, is launching his own company in addition to working with more than a dozen other life sciences start-ups at the Greenhouse.

Bollinger’s start-up, Intimate Bridge to Conception Inc., is aimed at the $2 billion reproductive health and infertility market space. His first product, an at-home system to help couples conceive, is about nine months away from going to market, he said. The product, which has about $100,000 worth of intellectual property that Bollinger developed, is meant to fill in a gap before a couple goes to a specialist for a more invasive fertility treatment.

“The medical world is changing and consumers are changing and their habits are changing,” he said, adding that as more couples wait longer to have children, it can be more difficult and there are limited options before going into a more invasive route.

Bollinger has developed his first product and is gearing up for focus groups. The product is meant to be sold over the counter, and he expects a quick regulatory process turn around. Moving forward, he sees a lot of opportunities for the company, including strategic partnerships for distribution, a full acquisition, or continued growth and the development of other women’s health products.

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