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Ultrasound Method to Detect Endometriosis

Sydney Morning Herald,  Sept 23, 2010
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The introduction of an ultrasound technique could improve the detection of endometriosis, a painful cervical condition affecting one in 10 Australian women, experts say.

Sonovaginography (SVG), the use of which is being developed by a Sydney gynecologist, Associate Professor George Condous, uses sound waves during a pelvic scan to pick up nodules, which can cause severe pain and contribute to infertility in about 30 per cent of cases.

It has previously been possible to diagnose the condition only through keyhole surgery under general anesthetic.

New to Australia, the technique is based on similar forms used in Italian and Brazilian studies. While there is no known cure for endometriosis, Professor Condous hopes the technique will help improve management of the condition.

He said correct diagnosis would provide gynecologists with information about a woman's condition often missed in a routine pelvic scan.

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