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Welsh Success in Battle to Stop Causes of Infertility,  Sept 23, 2010
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Welsh research could lead to a breakthrough in the development of new treatments to prevent the reasons for infertility.

Scientists at Swansea University have discovered the mechanism responsible for detecting and responding to the presence of bacteria in the womb.

The discovery could lead to new preventative treatments for diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease and chlamydia.

Martin Sheldon, professor of reproductive immunobiology at the university’s school of medicine, said: “Infections of the womb are common and can lead to infertility and early labour, but we don’t have any vaccines or other ways of preventing these problems.

“The womb is a unique environment and responds to infection in different ways to other parts of the body.

“What we’ve established is that the womb relies on cells not normally involved in immunity to detect and respond to bacteria. This is crucial information as it will hopefully provide us with new targets for preventing disease.”

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