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Honey, I Doubled the Kids: Charlotte Couple Try IVF, Get Two Sets of Identical Twins

Charlotte Observer,  April 10, 2011

After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, the Miranda and Josh Crawford sought help from Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte. The couple tried in vitro fertilization, and the Crawfords' daughter, Joslyn, was born March 17, 2009. Ten months later, they tried again, using two frozen embryos left from the initial IVF procedure. The embryos implanted, but a miscarriage followed nine weeks later.

Because the couple's insurance covered most of the cost of IVF, they decided to try it again. Last June, they got six healthy embryos. Four were frozen, and two embryos were again transferred into Miranda Crawford's uterus.

That's when something extraordinary happened. Both embryos split. Instead of one or two babies, the Crawfords suddenly were expecting quadruplets. And these weren't just any quads. They were two sets of identical twins — two boys in one placenta, two girls in the other.

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