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Slim Chance at Pregnancy Worth It for Women Fighting Breast Cancer

Chicago Sun Times,  April 12, 2011
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Every year, about 140,000 men and women of child-bearing age are diagnosed with cancer nationwide. Chemotherapy and radiation can damage a woman’s ovaries and can also leave men infertile. Yet many cancer patients aren’t informed about their fertility preservation options before undergoing treatment. Fewer than half of the nation’s cancer doctors routinely refer their patients to fertility specialists, a 2009 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found. Northwestern University is part of a network of 66 cancer centers — known as the national Oncofertility Consortium — trying to find new ways to preserve fertility and help cancer doctors refer their patients to reproductive specialists.

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Where did they get their data? Its 70,000 young adults who get cancer in the US. Fertile action is eradicating cost as the barrier to fertility preservation for women. It costs 12-20,000 to freeze eggs and embryos. Check us out Thanks for posting this article!

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