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Barbados Promotes Baby-Making Fertility Clinic Vacations

USA Today,  April 3, 2011
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Barbados is promoting itself as a center for affordable, in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures and other treatments to increase the odds of a pregnancy. In this latest twist on the growing trend of going overseas for cosmetic surgery, dentistry and other medical treatment, the Caribbean island's Barbados Fertility Centre offers treatments for $400-$8,500. IVF starts at about $6,000, not including fertility medications, which can add a couple of thousand dollars. But that's cheaper than the $10,000 and up typical in the USA. Fertility packages, including air, lodging and certain treatments are available.

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I actually went to Barbados for my IVF and Frozen cycle in Oct and Dec 2010. I got my meds thru an on-line international pharmacy and saved $2400 on meds alone. I saved $4500 on my IVF with ICSI procedure and $3000 on my frozen cycle over what it cost at my clinic in the US. Plus no freezing and storage costs for the first year- was $1200 to freeze here, and 300(?) a year to store. I was 42 at the time and got 8 embryos to transfer, so obviously they know what they're doing. Unfortunately, none stuck, but we had a wonderful 17-day Caribbean vacation AND IVF for less than the procedure alone would've cost here. Am hoping to get back there again before it's too late for me.

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