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Kate Middleton Most Likely Tested for Fertility Before Wedding to Prince William Announced

HULIQ,  April 8, 2011

Kate Middleton more than likely has already been tested for fertility before the wedding was announced. If she was unable to have children, this would have been an impossible situation for William because he most likely would have been pressured into marrying a girl that could produce an heir to the throne. And, will she use techniques such as PGD to produce a male heir?

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Sorry I dont agree. No fertility test can say absolutely if a woman can conceive a child. All tests can look perfect and still a couple dont conceive a child. As a professional person (I will not say what I do cos I dont want to be locked up in the tower of london!!! Only joking!) I have seen female patients pregnant whom doctors have told it was impossible for them to conceive?!! No medical test is 100% however much money you throw at it! Life is a bit of luck also. Love should come first not if a person can have kids. Just look at all the Mr wrongs out there and all the single mothers around. What's that a sign of???? Being able to have kids is obviously not the be and end all or the men would still be in the single mother lives?! Marrying for love and being together forever is what matters! Wills and Kate could always adopt? My comments should be commonsense to everyone if they really thought about it.

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