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Dutch Sperm Donor with Asperger's Syndrome Lied about Health, Fathered at Most 22 Children

NewsPoint South Africa,  Aug 16, 2011

A man with Asperger's Syndrome is reported to have given false information about his health as well as donated sperm to a clinic and fathering at most 22 children. Also, some women are said to have given birth to babies who are displaying signs of Asperger's Syndrome. The man is reported to be 30 years old, from Rotterdam, Netherlands, and remains an active donor, though not at an official clinic. The women, who used his sperm after contacting him online, instead of using the official sperm banks, that charge about £1,000 with long waiting lists, discovered his identity during the last month.

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Comments (2)

As I understand it, he never donated at a clinic, and has fewer than 10 genetic children, none of whom is a year old yet.

If he could hide it from the parents of 22 children, then it can't have been that severe, and he could probably have hidden it from any sperm bank or clinic. If I were donor-conceived, I'd far rather have a genetic father with Asperger's that I could meet, than a sperm bank's "profile" of someone whose identity I could never know (and who might have Asperger's anyway). It's hardly as if Asperger's is a terrible affliction. The list of famous successful people believed to had had it goes on and on - Einstein, Henry Ford, Mozart, Dickens, Beethoven, Edison, Isaac Newton, Darwin, Jefferson, Michelangelo, Curie, Aristotle, Picasso, Orwell, Twain, and many others. The donor also appears to have been online elsewhere to say that he doesn't have so many children, and that none of them them have autism or Asperger's.

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