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Brain Tumor Development Affected by Mother's Miscarriage History, Birth Defects

Modern Medicine,  Aug 18, 2011

Children whose mothers have had two or more late miscarriages have 3 times the risk of developing central nervous system (CNS) tumors, according to a recent study published in Pediatrics. Birth defects also correlate with increased risk of CNS tumors.
Because one-third of CNS tumors occur before age 5 and 75% by age 10, awareness of multiple maternal miscarriages and the association of CNS tumors with birth defects may help pediatricians identify at-risk children and detect tumors in earlier stages of development. Primary CNS tumors are the most common solid tumors in children and the third most common type of cancer seen in pediatric populations. In the United States, about 3,000 children are diagnosed with CNS tumors each year.

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