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San Diego Attorney Pleads Guilty in 'Baby-Selling Ring'

Los Angeles Times,  Aug 9, 2011
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Theresa Erickson, a prominent San Diego attorney specializing in reproductive law pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to being part of what U.S. Atty. Laura Duffy labeled a "baby-selling ring." She pleaded guilty to wire fraud for allegedly transmitting phony documents to deceive both the San Diego County Superior Court and couples seeking to become parents. According to court documents, she hired women in San Diego to go to the Ukraine to be implanted with embryos created from the sperm and eggs of donors. Once a woman was in the second trimester of pregnancy, she would return to San Diego, and Erickson would "shop" the babies by falsely telling couples that a couple who had intended to adopt the baby had backed out of the deal.

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