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China's Octomom: Mother with Eight Babies Stirs Debate on Surrogate Births and One-Child Policy

Washington Post,  Dec 30, 2011

Intended as an advertisement for the studio, a photo of eight babies grabbed a different kind of attention: In a country that limits most couples to one child, many Chinese were amazed to learn that one couple had spent nearly a million yuan ($160,000) and illegally enlisted two surrogate mothers to help have the four boys and four girls. The incident has highlighted both the use of birth surrogates, a violation of Chinese law, and how wealthy Chinese do as they please, with scant regard for the rules that constrain others. The most common reaction, though, has been simple disbelief. According to the Guangzhou Daily, a government newspaper, the biological mother carried two of the babies, while two surrogates gave birth to three each. After the babies were born in September and October last year, 11 nannies were hired to help take care of the children, the report said.

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