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11-11-11: How to Get the Coolest Birthday for Your Baby

CNN,  Feb 10, 2011
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As one of the nation's leading fertility experts, Dr. Jamie Grifo is barraged with phone calls requesting advice. He thought he'd heard it all until a few weeks ago when callers started asking him a completely new question.

"They want to know when to have sex to have a baby on November 11," says Grifo, program director of the New York University Fertility Center. "11-11-11 - people really want that birth date for their baby."

Grifo's answer: A woman who conceives February 18 will have a November 11 due date, provided she has a regular 28-day cycle. But of course conception is not an advanced science. Since cycles vary and most pregnancies aren't exactly 40 weeks, conceiving a child anytime in the next week or two could get the coveted 11-11-11 digits for your little one. Valentine's Day sex, for example, could very well land you a baby on November 11.

The next chance for a birth date with six numbers all the same? November 11, 2111. You'll be dead by then.

Conception myths or facts: Dirty movies, laptops and sweet potatoes

Whether you're aiming for 11-11-11 or not, you can increase your chances of conceiving by having sex on your most fertile days of the month — this conception calendar will help determine those days. Beyond that, you should separate fact from fiction when it comes to conception.

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