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Stillbirth: Causes and Warning Signs

The Sun,  Feb 10, 2011
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PREGNANT mums everywhere have been sharing in Amanda Holden's pain following the sad news her baby boy was stillborn at seven months.
Stillbirth happens when a baby dies after 20 weeks' pregnancy and, in the UK, one in 200 of every 1,000 babies dies this way.

But what can you do to avoid a similar tragedy? Sun Health spoke to consultant obstetrician Dr DAGHNI RAJASINGAM about the causes.

She said: "There are some risk factors. Older mums over the age of 35 and overweight women are more likely to lose a baby this way.

"The important thing is to try to deal with any issues before you get pregnant, to give your baby the best possible chance.

"The sad thing about many stillbirths is that the reason is unexplained. If you have concerns you should speak to someone, be it your midwife, doctor or the hospital."

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