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Infertility Problems Linked to Household Products

KFOR News,  Feb 15, 2011
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For millions of women, the dream of becoming pregnant is just that, a dream. Sometimes doctors simply cannot diagnose a cause of the infertility. Obesity and smoking are known culprits, though some experts believe there are lesser known causes, many of them lurking in your own home.

Ten-month-old Josie is a miracle Kevin and Amanda Johnson thought they might never have.

Amanda says, "I watched all my friends get pregnant within a couple months of trying."

But for Amanda, that joy seemed never to come; she and Kevin went through years of fertility treatments.

She says, "One test after another test would show unexplained infertility."

It's a diagnosis Dr. Eli Reshef, with the Bennett Fertility Institute, says is pretty common.

Some experts believe unexplained fertility could be a result of your own environment.

Dr. Reshef says, "Theoretically, anything in your house can interfere with your health."

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