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Kidman Reveals Fertility 'Roller-coaster Ride'

ABC News ,  Feb 20, 2011
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After a battle with fertility problems, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman says she feels love for the woman who carried her second child.

Kidman, 43, and her husband, country-music singer Keith Urban, surprised the world last month when they announced the arrival of a second baby daughter, Faith Margaret, born on December 28 last year to a "gestational carrier" in the US.

Kidman, who was present at Faith's birth, says the experience was "deeply emotional, moving".

"Having given birth and then ... seeing my child being born this way, the love I felt for our surrogate... she was the most wonderful woman to do this for us," she told the Nine Network.

"We were in a place of desperately wanting another child and this opportunity arose for us and I couldn't get pregnant and we wanted another baby.

"I get emotional even talking about it because I'm so grateful to her.

"Anyone knows the disappointment, the pain and the loss that you go through trying and struggling with fertility ... I've had a roller-coaster ride with fertility."

Kidman conceived with former husband Tom Cruise but suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

Seven years after divorcing Cruise, she gave birth to Sunday Rose with Urban in July 2008.

Kidman and Cruise adopted two children, Isabella and Connor, now aged 18 and 16, who have been introduced to Faith.

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