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Company Hopes to Bridge Gap Between Natural Intercourse and Costly In Vitro Fertilization

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  Feb 4, 2011

Steve Bollinger wants to take fertility treatments out of the doctor's office and into the home.

"Fertility is pretty much a private sport," he said.

It's also become a "rich person's sport," he said, with in-vitro fertilization treatments adding up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The chief executive and founder of Intimate Bridge 2 Conception is months from taking to market the Focus Touch, an $80 over-the-counter device that wants to bridge the gap between natural intercourse and in-vitro fertilization. The Focus Touch was built over the past year to allow do-it-yourself intracervical insemination, a process that places semen right near the cervix to increase the chance of a pregnancy.

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