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Debate Swirls around Overseas Surrogacy

Pittsburge Tribune-Review,  Feb 6, 2011
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Victor and Mary Hui-Wee, who were having no luck with adoption after they were unable to conceive a child, had all but given up on welcoming a newborn into their lives after 22 years of marriage.

That changed when the Kalamazoo, Mich., couple hired a foreign surrogate to bear their child.

They chose a woman in India, paying less than half the cost for the same service stateside. Fourteen months ago, they welcomed home their son, Connor.

"The best part of being a parent is the joy we have in teaching and loving Connor together," said Victor Hui-Wee, adding that he and his wife have initiated a second overseas surrogacy and are now expecting twins.

Increasingly, couples and individuals who cannot afford surrogacy services in the United States are looking to women in other countries to turn their dreams of parenthood into reality.

Advocates say hiring an overseas surrogate to bear a child is a less expensive, safe alternative. Opponents say it's a form of medical tourism that takes advantage of poor women in less developed countries.

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