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Couple 'Cannot Believe' They Have Child after New Fertility Treatment

The Telegraph,  Jan 3, 2011

After five failed cycles of fertility treatment Raphaella and Laurence Ward feared they would never be parents.

But now after their first attempt using a new treatment they have the baby they always dreamed of.

Baby Lucinda, now five months, was born following a new fertility treatment at Care Nottingham.

The couple, from Bedford, had been through a barrage of tests and doctors could not expain why each attempt at IVF ended in heartbreak. They were financially drained and beginning to give up hope when Mrs Ward, 39, met another patient in an online forum who had been treated successfully at Care Nottingham.

She told the Daily Telegraph: "Everything seemed perfect and no-one could tell us why it wasn't working. We became conditioned to failure and couldn't imagine it ever working."

However on meeting Dr George Ndukwe, who was investigating how the body's own immune system can fight a pregnancy, they were given new hope.

"On meeting George we were more positive but there was still some doubt in my mind that it would work. I felt like my own body was letting me down and it was very frustrating."

Mrs Ward was given an infusion of Intralipid, a substance normally used in the artifical feeding of seriously ill patients, as part of a clinical trial being conducted by Dr Ndukwe.

It is thought Intralipid interferes with the immune system signals to attack the pregnancy.

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