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Company Claims IVF Breakthrough Could Help Millions Get Pregnant

AOL Health,  Jan 6, 2011
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American women who haven't had much success with fertility treatments could have a much more effective option for increasing the likelihood of pregnancy by as early as 2012, according to an Australian biologist.

A new product known as EmbryoGen, which was developed by University of Adelaide reproductive biologist Dr. Sarah Robertson and will be released in Europe and the Middle East later this year, has been shown to increase rates of embryo implantation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments by as much as 40 percent. The product has not yet been approved for use in the U.S.

In what's claimed to be the world's largest clinical trial on IVF treatments, Robertson, in partnership with ORIGIO, a company that makes assisted reproductive technologies, discovered that growth factor molecules can substantially increase IVF success. As a result of the trial, Roberston developed EmbryoGen, which is made up of a signaling molecule known as GM-CSF that is already found naturally in women's tissues and which is designed to protect embryos from stress.

EmbryoGen essentially makes an embryo stronger during the early part of implantation, thus decreasing the likelihood of miscarriage, according to a joint news release from the company and Robertson.

In clinical trials involving more than 1,300 IVF patients, Robertson found that overall the use of EmbryoGen increased the success of embryo implantation at 12 weeks by 20 percent. In women who had previously miscarried, success rates increased by 40 percent.

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