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Men, Are You Killing Your Sperm? Here's What Can Hurt Male Fertility

Orlando Sentinel,  Nov 10, 2011

Unlike women — who have all the eggs they will ever have when they're born — men produce sperm all day long. Sperm takes about two to three months to fully mature, so a guy's behavior during the past 90 days will affect the baby he makes today, or whether he can make one at all, said Dr. Sijo Parekattil, director of urology at Winter Haven Hospital, where he specializes in male infertility.

Among the more common sperm-killing behaviors guys engage in are keeping cellphones in pants pockets and working with laptops on their laps, which raises sperm temperature. Other behaviors that can cause problems with sperm are smoking; excessive drinking; frequenting saunas and hot tubs; wearing tight underwear; using recreational drugs, including marijuana; taking male supplements; and getting sick. Studies show that such behaviors can reduce sperm quality and quantity.

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