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Woman Giving Others Hope for Fertility with World Egg Bank

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ABC 15,  Nov 11, 2011

Diana Thomas of Phoenix, Ariz., sits with two of her three sons as she recalls the heartbreak of infertility. “I actually went and advertised at ASU for women to be my donor,” said Thomas. She said it was something doctors didn't know much about, but she found that, after her success, the doctors were calling her. From that, she started the "first egg bank in the world' — The World Egg Bank in Phoenix. “It's like a sperm bank,” she explained. “You just find somebody who looks like your family profile and you just say, “Can you ship the eggs to my doctor?’ and they get there overnight by FedEx.”

Using frozen eggs instead of fresh eggs allows the donor and recipient to be miles apart. In previous “fresh” transfers, Women had to be in the same building and have coordinating cycles.

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