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Naperville Council to Readdress Fertility Clinic Plan

Naperville Sun,  Mar 31, 2012

The plan for a fertility clinic for downtown Naperville will makes its second appearance before the City Council Tuesday night. Dr. Randy Morris, the physician proposing the facility at Benton Avenue and Washington Street, is a Naperville resident and an established figure in the city, credited with helping many area couples who have had problems conceiving a child. Morris’ attorney Bernard Citron stressed that the clinic was a permitted use under city code. The petitioner, Medical Properties, LLC, proposes a combined in vitro fertilization/surgery center at the site. The two-story clinic would combine two existing lots and include a surgery center and an in vitro fertilization clinic on the first floor and office space on the second. But not everyone supports Morris’ work, as evidenced by the turnout in opposition at the March 20 council meeting, with about 350 people in the chamber, most of them protesting the development for religious and moral reasons.

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