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Couple Launches Web Ap to Track Fertility

Omaha World Herald,  April 11, 2012

Women have been waiting a long time for a more aesthetically pleasing charting site for the fertility awareness method. Ova Ova, launched in February by Amanda Kohler (pictured), 24, and her husband Kevin, 29, has stepped into the gap left by an ages-old birth control method in need of a technology update. For $36 a year, a woman can track her fertility on a site that's easy to interact with and easy on the eyes. Omaha branding agency GoodTwin Design is responsible for Ova Ova's look. Instead of the traditional line graph, users see their fertility charted in columns of blue and green (below), a bulls-eye that pinpoints ovulation, data entry for exercise and nutrition, and a tasteful heart emblem to mark intercourse.

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