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Scientists Grow Sperm From Skin Cells

Medical Daily,  Aug 29, 2012

Researchers were able to grow sperm in a lab using skin cells. The scientists believe the technique could be used to cure male sterility in the future.

In the present study, researchers wanted to know if adult skin cells can be made to get back into their primitive type and re-grown as a precursor sperm cell.

The research can help men diagnosed with cancer. Cancer therapy destroys all fast-growing cells including precursor sperm cells. In the future, fertility can be restored in these men by obtaining a sample of their skin tissue before the therapy

For the study, researchers tried to grow skin cells and embryonic stem cells in a medium that would support the growth of sperm cells. Researchers found that both kinds of cells, the adult skin cells as well as the embryonic stem cells, could be grown into precursor stem cells. Further tests revealed that the genetic makeup and division of the sperm grown in the lab was similar to a human sperm.

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