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Study Finds Link Between Sperm Motility and Number of Male Offspring in a Family

Medical Daily,  Dec 20, 2012

December 20, 2012

A new study proposes a way for women to see into the future of their partners' fertility.

Research out of the University of Sheffield in collaboration with Brown University of Rhode Island, says men born into a family with more brothers than sisters could have faster swimming sperm and better fertility overall.

Published online in the Asian Journal of Andrology on December 3rd, this study supports previous evidence that family history of strong male fertility more often results in male offspring- perhaps nature's way of ensuring strong male fertility is passed down the familial lines.

Investigators recruited 500 men presenting for a semen analysis, analyzed the swimming abilities (motility) of their sperm, and correlated this data with the number of brothers or sisters each participant had. Those with better motility reported having more brothers than sisters. This correlation could provide insight as to why some men are more fertile than others and raises questions about human adaptation to promote strong lines of fertile men. However, having sisters is not a tell-tale sign of poor fertility.

Further research is needed to confirm the link between number of boys born into a family and sperm motility.


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