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Fertility Center Offers Money-Back Guarantee

ABC WPVI,  Feb 2, 2012

Many couples may try different fertility treatments time and time again. They say it can get frustrating and expensive. For example, Rachel Brown met the love of her life Michael when she was 38. They married when she was 40 and decided they wanted a family, but they couldn't use Rachel's eggs. Due to her age, there weren't enough, and through testing they found out she was a carrier for a Jewish genetic disorder, which plagued Michael for most of his life. They needed egg donor in-vitro fertilization, which led them to Shady Grove Fertility in Rockville, Maryland., where Dr. Eric Levens explains what makes them different is a 100-percent money-back guarantee. Other centers offer guarantees but for a limited number of tries, and most don't include refunds for medical tests and labs required for the recipient and donor.

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