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Long Journey with IVF Ends in First-Time Motherhood at 45

Toronto Star,  Jan 2, 2012

For the past six years, 45-year-old Daryl Peddar and her husband, Andrew, had been struggling to start a family. They had gone through five failed rounds of assisted reproduction, two painful miscarriages and at one point, given up altogether. Their final IVF attempt worked, and now they are parents to a healthy 6-week-old son. Peddar’s journey to motherhood — her struggle to conceive, complications during her pregnancy and early delivery — highlight the special challenges facing women over 40 who are trying to have children, particularly for the first time. But it also illustrates what Peddar and many other 40-plus mothers say is not talked about enough: that it’s not all risk and worry, and that it can be wonderful and rewarding.

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