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Jewel, Ty Murray Expecting Baby after Two-Year Fertility Battle, Issue Statement,  Jan 11, 2012

Singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray confirmed today (Tuesday) they're expecting their first baby. The couple has been trying to conceive for nearly two years. Jewel, who is 36, says she finally slowed down enough to take care of herself and focus on starting a family. "I'm trying to be in the moment and really enjoy my pregnancy," the singer told

Jewel and Murray did not release a due date, but confirm Jewel is into her second trimester. "We're so excited to be expecting our first baby. We always knew we wanted to have a child and this time in our lives feels right," Murray, 41 said in a statement.

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I am 43 years old. My Husband and I have been trying wih the help of Reproductive specialists and fertility drugs for the past year to conceive. I have not had any issues with my menstral cycle (ie missed periods, late periods, spotting..) other than that it averages in length 38 days. I took 100mg of clomid last month. I ttc on days 5-10 after the last pill as instructed. My 38 day cycle was due to start last Friday. Tomorrow will be two weeks late. Is it possible i could be pregnant?.

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