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Couple Decides to Transfer Frozen Embryos

Chicago Tribune,  Jan 21, 2012

Grateful for the in vitro fertilization that enabled the Elmhurst couple to become parents, Adriana Potter, 38, believed donating the embryos to advance reproductive technology or treat debilitating diseases would be the most life-affirming choice. Robert Potter, 44, imagined having more children or donating the embryos for another couple to do the same. Anabella and Matteus made up their parents' minds. Watching the brother and sister blossom into beautiful toddlers compelled them to have both embryos transferred last November. Though an ultrasound showed that only one of the thawed embryos had survived in her womb, a nurse heard two heartbeats during a follow-up appointment. The surviving embryo had split, and the couple is expecting identical twins this coming summer.

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