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Infertility: Does Science Hold the Key?

Louisville Courier-Journal,  Jan 29, 2012

Despite years of trying, the Dursts found themselves among the 12 percent of reproductive-age couples in the United States who couldn’t conceive without help. So the Fern Creek couple turned to a Louisville fertility specialist, enduring one procedure after another, spending thousands of dollars and suffering heartbreaking setbacks along the way. But in April, 2010, with the help of an in vitro procedure, they had a son, Cooper. He’s one of the more than 675,000 babies born in the United States through assisted reproduction techniques since 1985. And now, the Dursts are about to put themselves through more of the same to expand their family with a frozen-embryo transfer, in which embryos created with her eggs and her husband's sperm, and frozen at the time of Cooper’s conception will be placed into her womb.

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